1 hour to speed up your Datascience

Excellent story from our friends from Bigboards.


Last week we were entertained by a professor from the States. Jared Lander (@jaredlander) joined us for a project we currently are involved in. Apart from being a really cool guy, he also gave some ideas of what a DataScience Tint for the hex could look like.

To give you some context, the first thing you need to know about Jared is that he is the author of “R for everyone” (get the book, it is really awesome). So we suspected that the first recommendation he would make for the tint would be to install R onto it. Needless to say that we put that one on top of the list.

Since nor Wim nor I are data scientists (allthough Wim is making up for that in a burning pace) we did have some questions on what we could actually put into a tint like this. The whole concept of…

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