Thank you for the nice Chocolate !

Dear Anonymous donor, thank you for the nice chocolate !

You are right, our community is a success and it should be rewarded.

nice present

Our community is doing good, thank you for engaging with us on twitter @datasciencebe , facebook and linkedin.

Here is a short update:

  • there is a huge waiting list for our hands-on about social network analysis
  • our next meetup about IoT has already 170 participants
  • Major companies are asking us to help to publish their job vacancies
  • We have been asked to present our activities at different events – SAS- Strata/Hadoop
  • We are planning a full day Innovation Summit in March !
  • We are close to 500 members , I’ll by the beers at our next meetup if we reach 500 by then. So don’t be nice to me, invite your friends to join. Make some noice !


Next Tuesday there is an interesting event that could interest you: Presenting the Agoria /TMAB event about bigdata and security. Ask Katleen for our ‘datascience’ reduction


Life is good to us, so let’s surf this wave as if it was the last one,  let’s build this community to something sustainable.I’m looking forward to meeting you in person again soon,


Philippe Van Impe
0477 23 78 42

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