Excellent list about #datascience

Best list ever about datascience: https://github.com/okulbilisim/awesome-datascience

Awesome Data Science
An open source DataScience repository to learn and apply for real world problems.


This part for dummies who are new on Data Science

This is shortcut path to start studying on Data Science . Just follow steps to understand “What is Data Science and What should study to learn Data Science?”

First of all, Data Science is hottest topic on Computer and Internet farmland nowadays. People created pretty much data from applications and systems until now and time to analyze them. The next steps are producing suggestions from these data and creating predictions about future. You can find here biggest question for Data Science ever and hundreds of answers from experts. Our favorite data scientist is Clare Corthell. She is expert of data related systems and hacker, now she has been working on a company as a DataScientist. Clara’s blog. This web site helps you to understand exact way to study as a professional data scientist.

Secondly, Our favorite programming language is Python nowadays for datascience. Because Python – Pandas library have fully functionality to collecting data and analyzing. We use Anaconda to play data and to create applications.

Swami Chandrasekaran make a Curriculum via Metro map.

What is Data Science?

What is Data Science @ O’reilly
What is Data Science @ Quoara
The sexiest job of 21st century
What is data science
What is a data scientist
a very short history of #datascience

Google Making Sense of Data
Coursera Introduction to Data Science
CS 109 Data Science
Data science MOOC
CS 171 Visualization
Process Mining: Data science in Action
Data Sets

Academic Torrents

Wes McKinney – Wes McKinney Blog.
Matthew Russell – Mining The Social Web.
Greg Reda – Greg Reda Personal Blog
Kevin Davenport – Kevin Davenport Personal Blog
Julia Evans – Hacker School alumna
Hakan Kardas – Personal Web Page
Sean J. Taylor – Personal Web Page
Drew Conway – Personal Web Page
Hilary Mason – Personal Web Page
Noah Iliinsky – Personal Blog
Matt Harrison – Personal Blog
Data Science Renee Documenting my path from “SQL Data Analyst pursuing an Engineering Master’s Degree” to “Data Scientist”
Vamshi Ambati – AllThings Data Sciene
Prash Chan – Tech Blog on Master Data Management And Every Buzz Surrounding It
Clare Corthell – The Open Source Data Science Masters
Paul Miller Based in the UK and working globally, Cloud of Data’s consultancy services help clients understand the implications of taking data and more to the Cloud.
Data Science London Data Science London is a non-profit organization dedicated to the free, open, dissemination of data science. We are the largest data science community in Europe. We are more than 3,190 data scientists and data geeks in our community.
John Myles White Personal Blog
Quora Data Science – Data Science Questions and Answers from experts
Siah a PhD student at Berkeley
Data Science Report MDS, Inc. Helps Build Careers in Data Science, Advanced Analytics, Big Data Architecture, and High Performance Software Engineering
Louis Dorard a technology guy with a penchant for the web and for data, big and small
Machine Learning Mastery about helping professional programmers to confidently apply machine learning algorithms to address complex problems.
Daniel Forsyth – Personal Blog
Data Science Weekly – Weekly News Blog
Revolution Analytics – Data Science Blog
R Bloggers – R Bloggers
The Practical Quant Big data
Micheal Le Gal a data enthusiast who gets hooked on solving intriguing problems and crafting beautiful stories and visualizations with data. Over the past 5 years, He haas applied statistics to solve problems in government, brain sciences, and most recently, retail.
Datascope Anayltics data-driven consulting and design
Yet Another Data Blog Yet Another Data Blog
Spenczar a data scientist at Twitch. I handle the whole data pipeline, from tracking to model-building to reporting.
KD Nuggets Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data, Data, Science not a blog a portal
Meta Brown – Personal Blog
Data Scientist is building the data scientist culture.
WhatSTheBigData is some of, all of, or much more than the above and this blog explores its impact on information technology, the business world, government agencies, and our lives.
Mic Farris Focusing on science, datascience, business, technology, and channeling inner geekness!
Tevfik Kosar – Magnus Notitia
New Data Scientist How a Social Scientist Jumps into the World of Big Data
Harvard Data Science – Thoughts on Statistical Computing and Visualization
Data Science 101 – Learning To Be A Data Scientist
Kaggle Past Solutions
NYC Taxi Visualization Blog
Learning Lover
Huge Trello List of Great Data Science Resources
Map Reduce Blog
FastML Blog
P-value – Musings on data science, machine learning and stats.
Digital transformation
Facebook Accounts

Big Data Scientist
Data Science 101
Data Science Day
Data Science Academy
Facebook Data Science Page
Data Science London
Data Science Technology and Corporation
Data Science – Closed Group
Center for Data Science
Big data hadoop NOSQL Hive Hbase
Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analytics using R
Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop
Big Data Learnings
Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining & Statistics
BigData/Hadoop Expert
Data Mining / Machine Learning / AI
Data Mining/Big Data – Social Network Ana
Twitter Accounts

Wes McKinney – Pandas (Python Data Analysis library).
Matthew Russell – Mining the Social Web.
Greg Reda Working @ GrubHub about data and pandas
Kevin Davenport – Organizer of http://sddatascience.com
Julia Evans – Hacker – Pandas – Data Analyze
Hakan Kardas – Data Scientist
Big Data Science – Big Data, Data Science, Predictive Modeling, Business Analytics, Hadoop, Decision and Operations Research.
Ryan Orban – Data scientist, genetic origamist, hardware aficionado
Sean J. Taylor – Social Scientist. Hacker. Facebook Data Science Team. Keywords: Experiments, Causal Inference, Statistics, Machine Learning, Economics.
Drew Conway – Data nerd, hacker, student of conflict.
Data Science Central – Data Science Central is the industry’s single resource for Big Data practitioners.
Hilary Mason – Data Scientist in Residence at @accel.
Juan Miguel Lavista – Principal Data Scientist @ Microsoft Data Science Team
Data Science Tips – Tips and Tricks for Data Scientists around the world! #datascience #bigdata
Erin Bartolo – Running with #BigData–enjoying a love/hate relationship with its hype. @iSchoolSU #DataScience Program Mgr.
Noah Iliinsky – Visualization & interaction designer. Practical cyclist. Author of vis books: http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/4419
Matt Harrison – Opinions of full-stack Python guy, author, instructor, currently playing Data Scientist. Occasional fathering, husbanding, ult|goalt-imate, organic gardening.
Data Science Renee – Documenting my path from SQL Data Analyst pursuing an Engineering Master’s Degree to Data Scientist
Vamshi Ambati – Data Science @ PayPal. #NLP, #machinelearning; PhD, Carnegie Mellon alumni (Blog: http://allthingsds.wordpress.com )
Tony Ojeda – Data Scientist | Author | Entrepreneur. Co-founder @DataCommunityDC. Founder @DistrictDataLab. #DataScience #BigData #DataDC
Prash Chan – Solution Architect @ IBM, Master Data Management, Data Quality & Data Governance Blogger. Data Science, Hadoop, Big Data & Cloud.
Clare Corthell – Dev, Design, Data Science @mattermark #hackerei
Paul Miller – Cloud Computing/ Big Data/ Open Data Analyst & Consultant. Writer, Speaker & Moderator. Gigaom Research Analyst.
Data Science London Data Science. Big Data. Data Hacks. Data Junkies. Data Startups. Open Data
dj patil Applying data science to decision making. VP @ RelateIQ
Gregory Piatetsky – KDnuggets President, Analytics/Big Data/Data Mining/Data Science expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at 2 startups, part-time philosopher.
Peter Skomoroch – Creating intelligent systems to automate tasks & improve decisions. Entrepreneur, ex Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn. Machine Learning, ProductRei, Networks
Monica Rogati – Data @ Jawbone. Turned data into stories & products at LinkedIn. Text mining, applied machine learning, recommender systems. Ex-gamer, ex-machine coder; namer.
Jeff Hammerbacher ReTweeting about data science
John Myles White Scientist at Facebook and Julia developer. Author of Machine Learning for Hackers and Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization. Tweets reflect my views only.
Quora Data Science Quora’s data science topic
Data Science Report – Mission is to help guide & advance careers in Data Science & Analytics
Luis Rei – PhD Student. Programming, Mobile, Web. Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Data Science.
Spencer Nelson – Data nerd
Recep Erol – Data Science geek @ Rice University
Talha Oz – Enjoys ABM, SNA, DM, ML, NLP, HI, Python, Java. Top percentile kaggler/data scientist
Toolboxes – Environment

Hortonworks Sandbox is a personal, portable Hadoop environment that comes with a dozen interactive Hadoop tutorials.
R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.
Python – Pandas – Anaconda Completely free enterprise-ready Python distribution for large-scale data processing, predictive analytics, and scientific computing
Data Science Toolbox – Coursera Course
Data Science Toolbox – Blog
Wolfram Data Science Platform Take numerical, textual, image, GIS or other data and give it the Wolfram treatment, carrying out a full spectrum of data science analysis and visualization and automatically generating rich interactive reports—all powered by the revolutionary knowledge-based Wolfram Language.
Sense Data Science Development Paltform A New Cloud Platform for Data Science and Big Data Analytics Collaborate on, scale, and deploy data analysis and advanced analytics projects radically faster. Use the most powerful tools — R, Python, JavaScript, Redshift, Hive, Impala, Hadoop, and more — supercharged and integrated in the cloud.
Mortardata Solutions, code, and devops for high-scale data science.
Variance Build powerful data visualizations for the web without writing JavaScript
Kite Development Kit The Kite Software Development Kit (Apache License, Version 2.0), or Kite for short, is a set of libraries, tools, examples, and documentation focused on making it easier to build systems on top of the Hadoop ecosystem.
Other Awesome Lists

Other amazingly awesome lists can be found in the awesome-awesomeness list.

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