Job – Belgacom – Business Intelligence Specialist – “Data Scientist”



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Task Description:

Within Belgacom, you will answer internal requests and give advice to internal customers based on advanced data analytics.

You will translate business questions into data requirements, extract data from the Belgacom Data Warehouse and other sources. You will structure all relevant data in data marts specifically designed as input for your ad hoc analyses and statistical models. Your analyses can be descriptive (e.g. customer profiling and segmentation) or predictive (e.g. churn prediction models)

You will gain insights to come up with recommendations to influence strategic decisions (e.g. pricing optimization) or tactical choices (e.g. maximize the ROI of marketing campaigns). You will present your conclusions and discuss them with multi-functional project teams.

You will be part of the Customer & Market Intelligence (CMI) team within Group Strategy & Transformation. You will interact mainly with colleagues from Marketing, Data warehouse and other CMI departments.

You will suggest new analyses and look for inspiration in other sectors and companies. You will contribute to the overall knowledge building of the Customer & Market Intelligence team by comparing your insights with those of other CMI departments.


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