Hackathon hands on project with Brussels transport – Gautier Krings

check out the orriginal post & comments from Gauthier on Linkedin: Hackathon hands on project with Brussels transport

Dear all,

as discussed in yesterday’s Meetup, it would be great to have a small project to start working on, not necessary in the Data for Good environment, but rather a small project to make our first learnings, truly a hands-on project.

I am in touch with the founders of the application Contrôle Stib (http://controlestib.be/), which acts as a Coyote for Stib controls. We can have access to a dump of their data & are free to see what insights we could get from this data and whatever we can get out on the net (planned controls announced by the Stib, timetables from the website…).

I believe the topic could be fun and full of learnings, and it’s very well related to Brussels, so who could be more designated to work on this than us?

Would some people be interested in a small hackathon on this topic in the coming months?


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